Alaskan Wild Pacific Halibut
Two 5 pound shares of halibut

Alaskan Wild Pacific Halibut

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"That was the best halibut I have ever had!" ...We hear this a lot! 

This snow-white fish is a favorite among Alaska seafood lovers for its texture and flavor. Our customers are so proud when they've cooked it just right in the pan, on the B-B-Q or really nailed it with a fish and chips dinner! 

Each halibut is brought over the bow by the crew of the F/V Mz. Liz  and we are super lucky to have the chance to share this halibut, harvested as part of the Bristol Bay Community Development Quota and handled with supreme care from the line to the cutting table. 

Blast frozen and individually vacuum-sealed, our halibut portions average 10 ounces and are nice and thick...Great as dinner for two! 

Halibut Share  Portions/share Price Servings Price/Serving
 5#  approx. 8 ct. $130.00 13 $10.00/Serving
10# approx. 16 ct. $260.00 26