Who We Are

Since 2003, we have been lucky to work in the Bristol Bay commercial fishery, first as cannery kids and deckhands and then establishing Kvichak Fish Co. In 2012, we began custom processing in our own facility where fishermen could bring their catch for us to cut, package and freeze for them. Located in Naknek-King Salmon, our business operates from May through July where we work around the clock meeting fishermen at dock and at the beach. 

From there we take deliveries of fish back to the plant in totes of slush ice and stage them for processing.

Each fish is cut by hand, individually vacuum-sealed and flash frozen at -35 degrees below zero. A true blast freeze that maintains the highest level of quality in texture and flavor. 

After a fast and furious summer, it's home to Montana where you can find us at a pick-up event or local farmer's market handing off the catch to our growing network of customers who LOVE WILD SALMON! 

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