It's time to order your share of the catch!

If it's your first order or you're one of our many loyal friends - we're glad to have you onboard!

Earlybird discount runs until June 1st. Use promo-code SALMON2024 for 5% off of your entire purchase.

Maybe you're wondering...

What is the difference between a FILLET and a PORTION?

A fillet is a full side of salmon, serves about 4 people. Portions are smaller, individual servings, think of a fillet cut into 4 pieces.

Where does your fish come from?

We travel to Bristol Bay in Southwest Alaska to work in the commercial fishery from June to August. Home to the largest run of Sockeye salmon on the planet and our home away from home for over 20 years now.

What is a CSF?

A Community Supported Fishery is modeled after a CSA (as in agriculture). Members pre-pay for a share of the fish ahead of the season. We take orders in the spring and go to Alaska knowing just how much to catch, package and bring down to our customers. Think Girl Scout cookies :)

When will I get my order?

Our pick-up events happen in August and September. Check your location's date on our pick-up calendar and watch for an email reminder from us in August.

Pick-Up Calendar

Can't make the date? We are happy to hand off your order to a friend who can pick-up for you, just let us know.

Can the fish be shipped?

We do not ship fish via air mail, UPS or FedEx. We may run a promotion to ship our Smoked Salmon during the holidays but in general, we are a pick-up, delivery, see you at the farmers market, in-person company.

How do you say Kvichak anyway?

Kvichak is pronounced, "Kwee-Jack" - our company is named after the Kvichak River in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This is where we work each summer and home to the largest wild Sockeye salmon run in the world. Kvichak is a Yup'ik word meaning "Great Water."

I prefer not to order online...can I mail you a check?

Of course, we understand. Just send us a note with your contact information, order and payment. We will reach out to confirm and send you a receipt. Our mailing address is located on the Contact Us page.

Know Your Fish Co.

Who we are

A team.

At our company we are family, fishermen, friends, and crew members who work together each step of the way. The fish is in our care from the catch to the customer.

who catches the fish

This guy.

We source fish from two set net fishing sites on Naknek beach. It all starts with fishermen who handle ice, bleed and deliver the fish with quality in mind. This fish has a story and we believe in keeping that story simple and keeping it honest.

how fish are packed

By People.

We own and operate a custom processing plant in Bristol Bay where fish are delivered to us directly after they are caught. We hand-cut, package and flash freeze each fish with attention to detail, food safety, and customer satisfaction.

what makes us different


This is not the fish you're used to seeing in the grocery store that is re-bought, re-frozen, or re-labeled. Kvichak Fish goes from our freezer to yours, and we think that's pretty special.

We take the fish business personally.