Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shares
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shares
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shares
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shares

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Shares

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"Fillet" ~ Full side  

"Portion" ~ Individual smaller sections

Our Sockeye Salmon is the reason for the season! Harvested from the world's largest wild salmon run in Bristol Bay, Alaska, their ruby red color give them the household name, "Reds" and provide a healthy meal rich in flavor, protein and Omega-3s.

Fillets are a great option for a family dinner to toss on the grill or fire-pit! They come individually vacuum-sealed and weigh an average of 1.25 lb. each.

Portions are a healthy slab as a single meal or suit the smaller appetites when serving two. You can think of portions as a full-fillet, cut into 3-4 pieces and individually packaged on their own. On average, portions weigh 5 to 7 ounces each. Great for planning meals and saving room in the freezer! 

Here are some details about the shares that will help you choose the perfect option for your household, budget and appetite! 

Sockeye Share
Price Servings
PORTION 10# $155.00 26 $5.96/serving
FILLET 10# $140.00 26 $5.38/serving
PORTION 20# $310.00  53 $5.81/serving
FILLET 20# $280.00 53 $5.25/serving
PORTION 40# $580.00 107 $5.44/serving
FILLET 40# $520.00 107 $4.88/serving problem! Our sister, Alena whips up a delicious salmon salad from her leftover salmon dinner by adding mayo and dill just like tuna, but better! 

There are so many ways to prepare and enjoy Sockeye salmon - Visit the Recipe page to get some ideas, cooking tips, or share your favorites with us! 

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