Direct-Market Salmon and Halibut

Vertically Integrated

  • We source our fish from the catchers and sell directly to the consumer.
  • No distributors, brokers, secondary processors.   


  • Less resources are spent on storage, transportation, sales and distribution.
  • Harvesters see a higher price per pound.
  • We can focus on quality over volume. 

Our fishermen/women take pride in knowing that their fish is being handled with care, processed in small batches and delivered to people with their name on it! 

We label each case of fish with the date, tide, and catcher so you can Know Your Fisherman AND Know Where Your Food Comes From

Annette (Wilson) Caruso   
Annette runs the F/V Ahh-net on North Naknek beach. She and her crew (which includes our big brother, Joe) work through the tides to bring us the bright blue Sockeye salmon as they hit the nets. This woman not only knows how to take care of the fish she delivers to us, but does a mean smoked salmon candy! A mom, wife, Air Force Veteran, and community leader; Annette is all business on the water, and all heart when it comes to Bristol Bay.
Graham Morrison 
We owe it to Graham, not only because he takes such perfect care of his fish, but he makes a big effort to bring us the catch all the way from his site at Graveyard Point. No surprise he's a Marine, because rain or shine, we can count on Graham. Another lifelong resident of Bristol Bay, he knows the region like the back of his hand and doesn't pass up an opportunity to explore and enjoy it. Semper Fi. 

Nathan Hill 

Nathan Hill sets his net on North Naknek beach and has been delivering fish to us since our first summer in business; 2012. We call his Sockeye "Nathan Fish" at the cutting table because they are all perfect and fun to cut! He picks out the big ones for us always delivers with a smile. When Nathan isn't fishing he is showing us pictures of his super cute kids or keeping up as the manager of the Lake and Peninsula Borough in Bristol Bay. 




Earnest, Charleston and Dan Pauk

As you can see, that is one proud Captain (and Grandpa)! Dan comes to Naknek from Manokotak to fish halibut on the F/V Mz. Liz and deliver them to us. It's a great start to the summer and we are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Bristol Bay Community Development Halibut Quota. These fish are expertly handled, iced, and gutted on board. One by one Dan's crew weighs each fish and layers them in totes of fresh ice. All they ask of us is a hot cup of coffee and maybe a nap before they head back out again. These guys make a great team!