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41890 Armo Villa Lane
Polson, MT 59860


Source Wild Alaska seafood from a small, independent company.

Shipping Info

Shipping & Returns

Unless specified in the product listing, most of our fish is delivered through planned pick-up locations in your area. Another option is to have your fish shipped via Alaska Air Cargo for an additional fee. If you order more than one share, your cost may be adjusted or reduced to reflect actual cargo charge and we will contact you directly. This means you must live or be able to travel to an airport where Alaska Air Cargo flies in. Please visit to see if we can fly a box of fish to you this way! Your fish will be packed for shipping or delivery with the intention of arriving frozen. With the exception of in-person delivery or pick-up, we cannot guarantee the cold storage or timely handling of third party carriers.

Our salmon contain pin-bones. These are typically removed with culinary tweezers when salmon is being prepared for cooking by the consumers. Rather than letting the fish rest on ice to complete the rigor mortis phase, our salmon are processed and frozen the day they are caught. While it takes a little extra effort in preparation at home, it produces as superior quality product that is freshly suspended in time!