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41890 Armo Villa Lane
Polson, MT 59860


Source Wild Alaska seafood from a small, independent company.


Nakeen Homepack

We don't have to wonder where our fish have been and how they have been cared for- and neither do you. We operate our own custom processing plant in Naknek - Bristol Bay, Alaska. From handling to sanitation, receiving to shipping- our quality standards are always maintained with food safety, pride in our product and respect for the resource in mind. We understand that the success of our business goes hand in hand with being stewards of the environment and supporting the Bristol Bay fishermen and women who make it all possible.

Since we started processing fish on our own in 2012, Nakeen Homepack has been very lucky to have some very hard working individuals join in the effort. While sometimes we have too much fun to consider it work, our crew lives by the tide, often cutting through the night and doesn't stop until the last fish is in the bag!